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Snapchat Scenarios

Our founder Heathyr Frances has some fun with SNAPCHAT. See our latest Low Down On DABTV. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel as well as read the DAB Blog to keep up with...

The Low Down On DABTV

We are DABTV. Welcome to our sisterhood. This video is about DABTV 2019. An Online female empowerment group hosted by Heathyr Frances. See our latest Vlog on 2019...

DABTV Fitness Mini Show

Hey DABS, a  new year means new fitness goals for all of us. Looking for motivation to hit yours? Heathyr & LA Fitness Trainer Alma Sagastume give us some tips on...

Heathyr Holiday Workout

Love DAB's Heathyr Frances couldn't wait to share her favorite holiday workouts to keep those extra lbs from building up this season.