Hello, DABs and Merry Early Christmas! It’s your girl Heathyr Frances here.

You might be thinking to yourself, “WE JUST DID THIS!” I know that I certainly am. It has been difficult for me to wrap my brain around what I will be gifting to my circle of family and friends this year.

It’s that time of year we cozy up to our friends, and family member’s around the Christmas tree, and we want to be prepared with some unique items that others would have never thought of.

A telltale sign that Christmas is already here is our mailboxes are being flooded with Christmas catalogs and magazines that we don’t normally receive. Since early November, I took and stacked them in a big pile while thinking to myself, “ I’LL GET TO THESE LATER!” For the past few weeks, they were taking up more counter space then I could count, so reluctantly, I took the magazines and threw them away. After I thought to myself, “OH, WHAT A SHAME.” I am sure that you might be thinking the same way. Since the last time I threw them away, a new flood of about 30 magazines came trickling in. I have decided it is time actually to put these catalogs to good use!

So, if you need some awesome gifts for your loved ones this year, or maybe you are looking for a fun project to do with the children, below I have provided you with my step to step guide on how to make your very own Christmas list for yourself, or others, by using Christmas catalogs.

Step #1

Grab your friends, family, & the kiddos. ( Nobody wants to do arts and crafts alone!)

Step #2

Grab your supplies- Scissors, Glue, and poster board or something to paste your favorite items on. ( I reused an old Amazon box, it was a perfect size, and I am grateful to reuse this item as well. )

Step #3

Start flipping thru and find the unique gifts that speak to you!

Step #4

Paste on your board.

Step #5

You might be wondering, okay, Heathyr, now how do I order these items. It is simpler then I had imagined. Log into your web browser and start typing in the name of the item and the magazine you found it in. It should pop right up!

Step #6

Wella- Now its Tim to place your order!

Below I have also provided you with my very own list of unique gifts that I found while doing the catalog vision board. I hope you enjoy my unique finds, and I also hope that you have enjoyed my Christmas Catalogs project. Please comment below and tell the DAB team about your experience, we’d love to hear from you!!

Love & Light,

Heathyr Frances

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